The dramatic beauty of the Na Pali coast begins in Ha’ena, the northern end of Kauai’s main road.  Ha’ena is remote, residential community situated 15 minutes West of Hanalei.  Hollywood filmmakers have fallen in love with the beauty of Haena.  Much of the scenes in the famous Hollywood films such as South Pacific and Jurassic Park has taken place here. You’ll discover lush green jungles, miles and miles of white sand beaches, waterfalls, amazing hiking trails, and vibrant sunsets. 

Haena is the perfect place to getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle and stay in one of the many luxury villa Haena accommodations for rent.  Secluded tropical hideaways just steps from the beach.  Walk for miles on beautiful, crisp white sand beaches. All the villas sit below the staggering Haena Mountain range with the beach right at your fingertips. 

Makua Beach (Tunnels Beach) is considered among one of the most desirable snorkeling spots on Kauai, Hawaii, especially during the Summer.  Ke’e beach (pronounced Kay-ay) is located at the ‘end of the road’ where tall cliffs mark the beginning of the magnificent Na Pali Coast. The entrance to the spectacular, eleven mile Kalalau Trail. Hikers can enjoy a day hike to the Hanakapiai beach or further to the waterfall.  It is also home to the legendary wet and dry caves, some of Kauai’s natural wonders. This is a beach lovers paradise and perfect for a wedding in Kauai or part of our vacation romance package. Haena offers peaceful surroundings and is only a short 15 minute drive from the North Shore hub of Hanalei.

Ke’e Beach is literally the ‘end of the road’.  Experience an amazing warm blue lagoon protected by outside reef for seasonal snorkeling.  Here you will capture the Na Pali Coastline while lounging on the beach or swimming. 

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