The town of Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii stretches for several hundred yards along the highway, around half a mile on from the bridge and a couple of hundred yards in from the beach. Little more than a village (with some spectacular Hanalei accommodations), you can be almost out the far end before you realize you've even arrived – it's home to an appealing mixture of laid-back old-timers, spaced-out New Age newcomers, and hyperactive surf bums.

Hanalei is among Hawaii's top destinations.  Visitors from around the globe come here to enjoy unparalleled beauty that is unlike any other place in the world.  It is the perfect location for those who enjoy spending time on the beach, with all the conveniences of town.  Here you will find Hawaiian beachfront vacation rentals, honeymoon cottages, family-style home rentals, and so much more. 

Quaint Hanalei town is the perfect place for strolling and browsing through the variety of boutiques. Verdant mountains provide an impressive backdrop for the colorful, tropical flowers and lush foliage of this valley town. As the ocean gateway to the awesome Na Pali Coast, Hanalei Bay has boat tours that of which depart daily and promise dramatic sights along this pristine Kauai coastline. Swimming, surfing and windsurfing are among the popular ocean activities in Kauai. Or, while visiting Hanalei, bring a picnic basket and sunbathe while watching local outrigger crews practice offshore. Choose from many restaurants that offer varied cuisines to satisfy every appetite. As each wonderful day draws near its close, a sensational Hanalei sunset celebrates your good fortune to be in Paradise.

Taking a vacation in Hanalei is famous for its spectacular beauty, Kauai’s largest crescent shaped sandy beach carved into the base of a sheer cliff on one side and narrowing into a rocky point on the other. The beach is a great spot for walking or throwing a Frisbee around. At the westernmost curve of the bay, you'll find a calm shoreline where the water is relatively quiet even when most of the north shore is too rough for safe swimming.

In the summer time Hanalei is very calm with little surf activity, as is the case with most of Kauai’s northern beaches at this time of year. In the wintertime Hanalei beach is usually pounded by big powerful ocean swells. Some of the Kauai’s best surf spots on are found along this beach.

Hanalei Bay is a Kauai beach famous for a great many things. It is a Hawaii beach that has been immortalized in song, legend and myth. It was revered by the Hawaiian Alii (kings) years ago and is revered by many today. There was even buried treasure found off of its pristine sandy shores. King Kamehameha II sunken royal ship had been found near the pine trees beach area of Hanalei Bay.

On the other side of the famous Kauai, Hawaii beach is the “black pot” area of the beach. There is an old pier that goes a short way out from the beach and is a popular spot for the local youth to jump off of. Near that is a small river that lets out into one of the most famous waves in Hawaii, aptly called Hanalei Bay. Towards the middle area of the bay, much of the white sand collects and the beach tend to be a little wider there. This area is called “pine trees”. Continuing to the northern end of this beloved Kauai beach area a few small streams then finally a area called “Waikokos Beach” This famous Kauai beach offers so much to explore that you really need a full day to beach comb and swim.


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