Kauai Real Estate

Living in Kauai, Hawaii - Imagine yourself on Kauai right now!

Thinking of living in Kauai and seeking real estate in Kauai? It's a perfect choice. Balmy weather, soothing trade winds, intoxicating floral aromas and idyllic white sand beaches sheltered by ancient volcanic mountains. Sunsets paint the sky with colors beyond the imagination. Life is tranquil here and the warm Aloha of the people matches the tropical climate. 

Real estate in Kauai can help you find som eof Kauai's golden sand beaches and tropical setting beckons all that have experienced her....to return to her magical splendor. For some, it's every year and others it’s for life.  Majestic and mountainous, the Garden Island touts the greatest number of beaches per mile of coastline of all the Hawaiian islands. All the Kauai beaches are open to the public. So, hop in the car and visit the north shore's Tunnels (Makua) Beach, Lumaha`i Beach, or Ke`e beach. Or head south to Poipu's Shipwreck Beach or Poipu Beach Park. Just bask in the sun and relax. In its 554 square miles, Kaua'i offers the best in snorkeling, scuba-diving, surfing, golfing, mountain biking and so much more.

Kaua`i is home to the wettest spot on earth. Known as Mount Wai`ale`ale (rippling waters), this spot receives an average of 440 inches of rain per year. It is this moisture that makes the vibrant and tropical plant life thrive, which in turns gives Kaua`i it's reputation as The Garden Island.

Kauai is a great place to own real estate.  Kauai offers you a mild year-around climate, clean water and air, open spaces, relative safety and a relaxed lifestyle. You may choose to live in it, use it as a home away from home, rent it out or hold it for investment. Real estate in Kauai is a good investment as it has appreciated in value over the years.  Kauai vacation rentals have multiplied in size due to its growing visitor demand for places to stay other than Kauai hotels

If it is your dream to own Kauai real estate, Allure Kauai would be honored to recommend highly qualified local Real Estate experts to assist you in making that dream come true.

Once you visit Kauai you will know why this beautiful island is Hawaii's best kept secret.