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On behalf of I'd like to express a huge thank you for finding us the 'perfect' location for our catalog shoot this past year.  We enjoyed working with Eddie and Talia, as you both have been a critical part of entire production. Everything ran just perfectly.  The property was so amazing, it made our job really FUN.  Our crew LOVED Jessica's food.  She is an excellent Chef.  For once we were sad that are job came to an end, but that's not to say that we will not be back.  We are so jealous that you get to live in paradise each and every day.  I will reommend you to all of my friends and family back at home.  I really hope to plan for another shoot on Kauai cause we love it so much.  Regardless, I will definitely be back for a visit soon.    Thank you again.

K. Freeman, New York

No words can express how thankful I am to have found such a wonderful agent on Kauai.  Having never traveled to Hawaii, we relied on you for information about Kauai and all your recommendation 100%.  You were just amazing.  We are so impressed with our experience with Allure Kauai and your beautiful properties.  We can't wait to return to your island again soon.

Hong Kong


N. Cohen, Hong Kong

Great rentals and great service!  From the moment we arrived on Kauai 2 years ago we knew we found our home away from home.  Our experience working with Allure Kauai has been awesome year after year. We've been loving the north shore of Kauai.  The first year we spent in Poipu and that was incredible as well.  My family had such a wonderful experience that we've decide to visit twice a year.  Just can't get enough of it.  You can definitely rely on Allure Kauai.  Thank you for making all the arrangements on the things we did.  Our vacation wouldn't be the same without you.  


T. Marshall, Boise, ID

We loved the Pine Trees Beach Villa.  The location was ideal, the house very well appointed, it made a great rental for my family.  It was like having a home away from home with a full kitchen and laundry! Allure Kauai was a 100% there for us from start to finish.  My family had such a great time on Kauai and can't wait to return.  Next we'll bring the rest of the family and all of our friends with us.  Thank you Talia.
W. Brown, Gibbon Gale, PA

W. Brown, Gibbon Gale, PA

The wonderful part of our stay at Keoniana Kai, was that my husband Matt, my children Dustin and Amy and her husband Chris, and several of their friends from Kauai, had just returned from a three night camping trip at Kalalau. They absolutely loved their time there: kayaking into the camping site, sleeping on the sand, bathing under a waterfall...(not my idea of bliss...I need a bed, a bathroom and a toilet that flushes). They went from enjoying nature in its most purest form, to enjoying nature in its most "comfortable" form. They loved both.

Talia, Thank you again, for being a trustworthy agent. Spending the amount of money that we did made me a little nervous. You made each and every cent worth it...and more. I knew I could trust a "local-girl".
J. Lichty, Washington, MO

J. Lichty, Washington, MO

Hanalei Bay is like 'Heaven on Earth'.  We were so at awe in your island paradise.  Our vacation at the Pine Trees Beach Villa was the best vacation we ever had.  From the moment we arrived on the island we were greeted with 'Aloha'.  We felt welcome right at the start and throughout our entire stay.  Our friends recommended Allure Kauai to us and we are SO GLAD.  The villa was just gorgeous and perfect for our special family vacation.

Talia, all of your recommendations were great! Thank you for sharing your island knowledge with us.  We had an amazing experience.  We will always remember our vacation on Kauai.  See you soon!

May Levy, Ontario Canada

M. Levy, Ontario Canada

My family and I travel to many places in the world and I must say that our experience on Kauai tops it all.  We were very apprehensive at first and had a lot of questions.  Talia was very helpful in answering all of our questions.  We originally planned to return to the islands of Tahiti but were convinced to visit Hanalei, Kauai instead.  WE HAD THE BEST VACATION EVER IN OUR TRAVELS.  Allure Kauai is the best!  The north shore offered a perfect balance for us.  The villa was everything we had expected and more.  Talia arranged everything for us.  We really enjoyed our surf lessons with Clay.  Our stay at the Pine Trees Beach Villa was everything we had expected it to be.  We had an amazing experience and will be back again next year.  This time for a couple of months.  Thank you Talia.  



J. Lambert, South Africa
I can speak for the whole group by saying the trip was fantastic. The staff at the villa could not have been any better or more accommodating. The food was outstanding and the villa exceeded my expectations.
N. Howard, Wilmington, North Carolina
"Where do I start....Words cannot convey how grateful we are to you Allure Kauai. We practiced yoga in the most amazing of all places.  The location was perfect and peaceful. The grounds were tropical and vibrant. This was the ultimate retreat. Thank you again for arranging the chef, massage therapists, and activities on Kauai. We'll be back in a couple of months.
M. Zinman, Hillsborough, CA
"We've been coming to Kauai for a number of years and have never received top notch service like this. Our condo was lovely and the views were to die for. Thank you to our dear friends who recommended you and the wonderful, friendly, responsive, and accommodating staff at Allure Kauai. Truly exceptional. We will definately be back and recommend your services to others.
G. Randall, Chicago, IL
"Traveling from across the pacific can be a challenge when it comes to finding a vacation home in a place you've never been. Allure Kauai is a company you can trust. My family and I are so thankful to have found you.  The location was unbelievable and the home was exactly as described on your website. BTW...we fell in love with your site and the photos made us anxious.  We look forward to our next Kauai vacation.
P. Bushe, Sydney, AUS
"I was not sure what to expect before the trip, but the estate home completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you Allure Kauai for arranging everything so perfectly for us from start to finish. My kids are already asking when are we going back."
T. Chatfield, Pine Bush, NY
"Thank you Allure Kauai for the best vacation ever. Our Haena vacation house on the beach was amazing.  We provided you with our expectations and you delivered.  All of your recommendations were great!  We'll be back for sure.
V. Maddison, Greenwich, CT